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Every Factory Built ADU that follows the Housing and Urban Development code is automatically approved.


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Factory built ADU’s are exempt from being required to have solar panels.It’s your choice if you want to have them installed.

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Find out if a Factory Built ADU will workonyour property with a freeevaluation. You can e-mail us, request a phone call or Zoom meeting.

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Choose from the most popular designs that have already been configuredwith all the fixtures, appliances, counter tops, and cabinets.



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"Working with David to build my ADU was an absolute pleasure. From the initial planning stages to the final touches, David's expertise, understanding and dedication shone through every step of the process. I felt seen as a human more so than a customer. David's knowledge of local regulations and building codes made navigating the bureaucratic maze a breeze. He guided me through each requirement and ensured that every aspect of the project was up to standard, giving me peace of mind throughout. When the inevitable roadblocks arrived, as every construction project faces, he was always available to help with the logistics and the emotions that were wrapped up in whatever the immediate issue at hand was. Building a structure as a single woman I of course encountered some sexism throughout the process, but never once with David, and he always ensured that when he was present in a conversation, I was afforded the respect I deserved"


I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional service provided by Jumpstart ADU and his work to have our Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) built for my father. David Donahue and his team made the year-long process as smooth and reassuring as possible. David’s expertise, patience, and commitment were evident in every step, from design to completion.


He incorporated our specific needs, ensuring the ADU was both comfortable and accessible for my father. Throughout the project, David maintained excellent communication, providing regular updates and promptly addressing any concerns or questions. We are so happy we built the ADU! 


My father is only steps away and I don’t worry about him the way I used to when he was living alone. 


My daughter and I had a dream of creating a small space in our backyard for her to live in while going to graduate school. We drove ourselves crazy researching tiny homes and prefabs. Somehow, we came across Jumpstart ADU and David’s contact info and thought it couldn’t hurt to discuss options with him.

David listened to all our ideas, wants, and concerns. He understood that we have family members who can handle most of the trades and that we wanted things done quickly. He took everything into consideration and recommended we consider a kit instead of a full prefab or stick build.

David was very patient with us as we made decisions and considered options. He shared his experience with his own build and continued to check in on where we were, who we had to help, and made suggestions accordingly. His feedback led us to change our plans and saved us approximately $10,000. I never felt like I was dealing with a salesperson or being pushed to use his services. He made us feel like a friend was guiding us through the process and looking out for our family.

We are about halfway through the build and David still checks on us regularly and offers assistance. His “job” ended long ago, but I guess when you care for your clients, it shows long after. We couldn’t be happier with the process.


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